Rent Sustainable Cabins in Panama's Nature


Experience Eco-Friendly Travel While Preserving Panama's Nature

Kooteja offers unique, sustainable cabins immersed in Panama's awe-inspiring landscapes. As a nonprofit, our mission is buying and protecting vulnerable land while providing eco-tourism opportunities.

Our Scandinavian-inspired, off-grid cabins are the first in Latin America with carbon-negative footprints. Solar power and satellite internet allow full autonomy while remaining connected to nature.

We aim to expand across Panama, conserving forests acre by acre. Local communities benefit through job creation constructing and maintaining the cabins. For every acre we buy, we actively restore the surrounding area.

Digital nomads can enjoy these thoughtfully designed cabins while creating their own itinerary in remote regions, knowing our cabins provide consistent quality and comfort.

Support our conservation efforts by purchasing Kooteja merchandise available in the cabins. 100% of proceeds go directly to expanding reforestation efforts and protecting the environment.

Led by entrepreneur Vladimir Suarez, Kooteja receives ongoing support from sustainable businesses under the Masalto Capital family office. Environmentalism drives us to enable mindful travel.

One of the hallmarks of Kooteja is our dedication to reforestation. For every Kooteja space, we pledge to plant one acre of land, ensuring our environmental impact remains positive. Our mission is simple yet profound – to leave a greater positive impact than our consumption.

Discover the elegance of nature in its purest form at Kooteja. Our minimalist, eco-friendly, and highly relaxing tiny houses are tailor-made for those who seek an authentic connection with their roots and the natural world. Experience the ultimate in eco-conscious hospitality at Kooteja, where every aspect of your stay is designed to honor the environment while providing unparalleled serenity.

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