El Valle de Antón: An Attractive, Peaceful Village

In brief, this small village nestled amidst volcanic terrain, appreciated by locals for its climate, offers delightful discoveries during your journey. Located 2.5 hours from Panama City, El Valle de Antón is a significant stop for all, whether at the beginning or end of the trip.

Situated 2.15 hours from Panama City in the Coclé region, El Valle de Antón, or "Antón Valley" in French, perches at 600 meters within an extinct volcano crater.

Surrounded by mountains, this well-developed village caters to visitors travelling by car, offering various activities and accommodations such as hostels, bed & breakfasts, and hotels. Take advantage of the best deals and enjoy the magnificent volcanic landscape.

You'll discover many natural beauties among the numerous hikes around the crater and the region, rich in diverse fauna and flora. Canyons, waterfalls, and spectacular ridge trails offer nature enthusiasts a complete change of scenery. Travel to El Valle de Antón, where the average temperature ranges between 18 and 24 °C throughout the year, making it a destination for relaxation and sports.

How to Get to El Valle de Antón?

Don't forget to make a detour to El Valle de Antón during your trip to Panama. It is just two and a half hours from the capital and is blessed with lush vegetation. It is an ideal spot for a first (or

last) stop during your road trip or vacation in Panama.

Leaving the Pan-American Highway, take the road on the right at Las Uvas. After twenty minutes of winding the road, you'll get a taste of what awaits you at the crater's heart.

If you're considering renting a vehicle, remember to contact us. This will significantly facilitate your exploration of the volcanic region and its surroundings. The San Carlos Lagoon, a few kilometres (breathtaking roads) from the village, is famous among locals on weekends for family barbecues and camping with their equipment. You'll also be only half an hour from the Pacific coast and its long sandy beaches.

The Artisanal Market: The Central Square of El Valle de Antón

Upon arriving in the village, it is located along the central avenue. It is straightforward to park there. You will come to the outskirts of the market. Alongside artisanal products, colourful hammocks and traditional hats are also offered, among other items. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available.

You can stroll amidst colourful stands of artisanal market plants. Not far from the market, you can also visit the orchid garden, which has nearly 150 flower species to reintroduce them to their natural habitat.

The "mariposario": The Butterfly Conservatory

In El Valle de Antón, everything is easy to visit, and signs on every street corner greatly aid orientation. The well-known butterfly conservatory houses no less than 120 butterfly species that enjoy the mild spring climate throughout the year.

Located a few streets from the market and equipped with parking, the conservatory aims to preserve and educate about the importance of butterflies for our ecosystem. Our team recommends its visit to travellers.

Did you know? Among the origins of the word Panama, some believe it means "abundance of butterflies."

The Hot Springs

From its volcanic past, El Valle de Antón has inherited hot springs. Thermal baths equipped with volcanic water basins at 40 °C have emerged in this paradisiacal natural setting. In exchange for a cheap entry at USD 3.00, Pozos' hot springs invite you to apply a regenerating mud mask before relaxing in one of the basins.

It is one of the best places to go after your El Valle de Antón hike.

Hiking in La India Dormida

La India Dormida, which means "sleeping Indian," is the most popular hike in El Valle de Antón—a must for enjoying the sunrise over the entire valley. The loop trail takes you along beautiful mountains that, from the central avenue, have the silhouette of a sleeping Indian. Look closely at the photo; you can easily discern her head, chest, and body—a striking resemblance.

There are three trails, and they are all free. Allow 2 to 4 hours for the longest, called "Cerro la Cruz," 2 to 3 hours for the most frequented, "Por la Comunidad," and 1 to 2 hours if you decide to start from the historical site "Piedra Pintada," where you can observe drawings carved into the stone by indigenous people thousands of years ago.

Two kilometers from the town, the Ancón River turns into waterfalls. Easy to find at the end of the central avenue with reasonable indications, these falls are the most famous in the village of El Valle de Antón. On one side, you can admire the quiet touristy "Chorro las Mozas."

Alternatively, visit the "Chorro El Macho" falls, which are higher and where you can zip line or walk through suspended bridges.

Where Can I Stay in El Valle de Antón

For travellers seeking an eco-friendly and immersive experience in El Valle de Antón, we highly recommend staying at Kooteja. Located in El Valle de Antón, Kooteja offers unique and sustainable cabins that allow guests to connect with nature while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Kooteja is dedicated to preserving vulnerable land and promoting eco-tourism initiatives. With amenities like solar power and satellite internet, guests can enjoy full autonomy while staying connected to the natural world.

Additionally, Kooteja actively contributes to local communities by creating job opportunities and undertaking restoration projects in the surrounding areas.

By choosing to stay at Kooteja, travellers can support conservation efforts while experiencing the beauty of Panama's nature firsthand.

7 Hidden Gems You Must Explore in Anton Valley, Panama

Nestled within the volcanic crater of Cocle Province in Panama, Anton Valley is celebrated for its scenic landscapes and vibrant culture. While well-known attractions draw visitors, the true allure lies in uncovering the lesser-known treasures off the beaten path. Join us on an exploration as we unveil seven hidden gems waiting to be discovered in Anton Valley.

  1. Conquer the Enchanted Waterfall Trail

Step off the trodden paths to conquer the Enchanted Waterfall Trail. This hidden gem leads to a secluded waterfall, providing a serene escape into nature's embrace. Equip yourself with hiking gear, and venture into the solitude for a refreshing reward at the trail's end.

  1. Immerse in the Tranquility of Whispering Pines Forest

Seek tranquillity in the Whispering Pines Forest, a perfect retreat away from the crowds. Less travelled, this forest offers a unique ambiance with its towering pine trees. Immerse yourself in the serenity as you explore winding trails and inhale the crisp, pine-scented air.

  1. Unlock the Secrets of The Secret Garden

Unlock the gate to The Secret Garden, a botanical paradise housing rare plant species. Whether opting for a guided tour or self-guided exploration, the garden reveals a world of floral wonders. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature's secrets in this hidden haven.

  1. Explore the Depths of the Cave of Wonders

Step into the Cave of Wonders depths, a hidden marvel waiting to be explored. This lesser-known cavern system promises an adventure beyond the ordinary. Exercise caution and consider guided tours for a safe and insightful journey into the heart of this geological marvel.

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